I love Amy Sedaris! @fishseddynyc has launched an Amy sedaris collection. @imamysedaris

Just launched a new site for DoodleLit: Drawing on the Classics. Post your doodles on Instagram and ‪ #‎doodlelit‬ them to see them in the doodle journal on Go now to see the awesome Ninja Frankenstein by @stephencolbert.

Ninja Frankenstein by @stephencolbert

@babylitbooks is now on Instagram. Yippee!

Shaggy mane

Buttermilk falls, NJ

The northern tooth

Confucius says "do not doodle to others what you do not want doodled to yourself."

Sweet peppers

Beautiful new art installation in Madison Park

It always feels good to see this

30% of spooky stuff at with promo code HAUNT30.

Babylit author Jennifer Adams as a bearded cowboy thanks to the Book-O-Beards by Lemke and Lentz. #book-o-beards

Kayaking in Louisville at

Street devil

Seen in. LGA this morning


And this is their logo as a bronze sculpture--pretty cool.

This is the New Jersey astronomical association. They have a giant telescope. It was built in the 60s in honor of buzz aldrin.

I made it across, thanks to my

Blood red

Beautiful hike somewhere in NJ

@joejbl it's you!

Seen at abandoned boyscout camp

Wildflower or DNA

Turkey tail--I think.

I love my Lunas so much I wrote a review of them on @tropicofcandycorn. You can read it here

Cricket bars have arrived!   @exoprotein

Awesome moto. Met candy lab toys at the ny now show. These are the perfect toy. Or desk object.

Babylit at the NY Now show

Kayaking on the deleware

And thanks @dtristman--my shirt just arrived and it is awesome! Can't wait to wear it.

Thanks @tropicofcandycorn for the cricket bar treats from @chapulrevolution! I am taking them kayaking tomorrow.

Doodlelit books are in!

Full moon over silversands hotel

Still in love with luna sandals @lunasandals

Vintage tile floors at the silversands hotel, greenport, ny

Sunrise at orient point