I also like a well-equipped desk @hopegillerman oils

Run don't walk to get a pair of these. Pun intended. @lunasandals

@dtristman is giving away a free shirt.

The many moods of Frankenstein

@dtristman is taking pre orders for this bad ass shirt. Go get it!

Pickled sweet peppers

Love my new hand painted wallet! Thanks @myalamode

Another one!

Best vintage mugs ever

Thanks Kiwi Magazine!

Ginger garlic beets

Indian cauliflower


Wall of studio @perlaannepress @tropicofcandycorn

This is a cricket flour bar

Word on the street is that Darcy is back at  #mr.darcy

There is a python loose in my studio!

The Jungle Book playset just arrived!

Bee balm

@dtristman this ones for you--dish scrubber from Japan thanks to my friend Nao

Turkish eggplant, cranberry beans and heirloom tomatoes

Never hit and run a graphic designer

Mayan creation god

Nettle vinegar

Lacto-fermented pickles #lacto-fermentation preserving

From the new Frankenstein book. Prints available at

The wabe has some new inhabitants. Artist: Harper.

Mark twain doodles in Boston.

Tipi cat

My plant reacts to a thunderstorm

Sun tea: lemon balm and peppermint.

Sketches for a new book

My pink door is back