Grapes, day 2

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Grapes, day 1

Apple and grapes

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Catnip carrots for all cats on

Pick frankenstein's Halloween hairdo in the frankenstein build and play app (it's on iTunes and Amazon).

Zzzz airing out

Night painting, finished

Busy Dr. Frankenstein

Franken-paw in situ with bear head and khipu

Night painting, day 1

Congratulations @doogie_horner on Kid Artists -- love little Andy Warhol and Charlie Brown with hair

Nice work

Thank you

Happy Feral Cat Day

Cutest business cards every by David Tristman

Still the best packaging

Save the Date! I am going to be at Rich Hippies November 19th for the Art Crawl with lots of art prints and one (or three!) of my new limited edition silkscreens. Looking forward to seeing you Nashville! @nashville.nights @nashvilleguru @nashvilleparent @thenashvillemom @germantownartcrawl @womanista @beauandarrownashville @thenewgirlinnashville

Trying to steal the cord proved more exhausting than Moon anticipated (boob pillowcases by #gravelandgold)


Coming soon--limited edition silkscreen

Happy Caturday love, Moonbeam (catstronaut)

A. W. Pencils

Night painting, finished

Night painting

Night painting, day 2

Night painting

Founding member of the Society of Philoso-cats, Moonbeam Sparkle Oliver

Our two new BabyLit books are available now including Little Women: Playtime Primer

Our two new BabyLit books are available now including The Odyssey: A Monsters Primer

Can't wait to get in the kitchen with this gorgeous book by Archana Pidathala! (beautiful fabric by #naniiro)

Night painting, finished

Night painting, day 2

Day 1

Night painting

Meadow, day 2

Meadow, day 1

Water taxi rules

Lotus Eaters

Ino the sea nymph