There is a python loose in my studio!

The Jungle Book playset just arrived!

Bee balm

@dtristman this ones for you--dish scrubber from Japan thanks to my friend Nao

Turkish eggplant, cranberry beans and heirloom tomatoes

Never hit and run a graphic designer

Mayan creation god

Nettle vinegar

Lacto-fermented pickles #lacto-fermentation preserving

From the new Frankenstein book. Prints available at

The wabe has some new inhabitants. Artist: Harper.

Mark twain doodles in Boston.

Tipi cat

My plant reacts to a thunderstorm

Sun tea: lemon balm and peppermint.

Sketches for a new book

My pink door is back

New babylit prints from Frankenstein and wizard of oz for sale at

Frankenstein is now available at

Wizard of oz is now available at

Doodlelit, an awesome activity book inspired by the BabyLit series is available for pre-order at