Little Women art prints now up in my shop -- (flat rate shipping on all orders)

Pick frankenstein's Halloween hairdo in the frankenstein build and play app (it's on iTunes and Amazon).

Busy Dr. Frankenstein

Thank you

A. W. Pencils

Our two new BabyLit books are available now including Little Women: Playtime Primer

Our two new BabyLit books are available now including The Odyssey: A Monsters Primer

Lotus Eaters

Ino the sea nymph

Cyclops (part 2), "The Joy of Cooking Humans"

Cyclops (part 1), "The Joy of Cooking Humans"


Telemus from The Odyssey Inspiration: @eppersonn

Bunnies and snakes coming soon

Circe is coming soon

Next two BabyLit books have arrived--an unexpected pairing

Surprise! books are out in French and Italian -- Emma, Frankenstein, Romeo and Juliet, Secret Garden and DoodleLit.

Midsummer Night's Dream prints are up in my shop --

Policeman | Le Gendarme

Woman | La Femme

Rat | Le Rat

Happy world book day! Les Mis is our other new BabyLit book--it's a French primer





Oberon the Fairy King

Oberon the Fairy King

We just released two new BabyLit books including A Midsummer Night's Dream: A Fairies Primer

Le Moby is in French

Jungle Book in French!

Go to @babylitbooks and enter to win the Secret Garden gift set with magic sleep oil by Hope Gillerman Organics

Go to @babylitbooks to enter to win The Secret Garden gift set with Magic Flowers sleep oil

It's a crocheted jabberwocky! #

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What could be better than hanging out with Moomin? Thank you Coco Books!

Alice in Spanish! @babylitbooks

Nice duo at odds and evie

If you are in Nashville shop at Rich Hippies--because they are awesome and also because they have books.

books @herbert_stella

White rabbit print is now available in my shop (not sure why it wasn't already!)

Dracula is getting he castle ready for the big day

at strand bookstore


Babylit books in some very nice company at @jomamikids shop in Gijon, Spain.


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