Moon discovered cat heaven is a freshly washed sleeping bag

Cat tongue

Camouflage on Caturday

Moonbeam is enjoying her yoga mat on

Caturday cleaning

Hi Moon! It's the I'm too hot pose

Happy Caturday! As seen at Fish's Eddy, "Crafting with Cat Hair" is one of my favorite design projects of all time done with the great Quirk Books

Moonbeam Sparkle is a proud spokes model for Gravel and Gold. Loves her boob pillow cases!

Thanks for the great presentation at

Naughty cat by Doogie Horner

Happy Caturday love, Moonbeam (catstronaut)

Founding member of the Society of Philoso-cats, Moonbeam Sparkle Oliver

Moonbeam Sparkle Oliver

Cat pillow by at

Casual Caturday

Moonbeam loves her new boob pillowcases