Thank you @thereadingninja for the most beautiful cover reveal of my upcoming picture book, Sun. It’s a sequel to Moon and it’s out April 2019 from Clarion Books. #Moon&Sun @hmhkids 
Repost from @thereadingninja:
Repost from @thereadingninja using @RepostRegramApp - COVER REVEAL! I am honored and thrilled to be revealing the cover of my friend @AlisonOliverDesign ‘s new book SUN. A sequel to her book MOON, where we learned to find connection through stillness. In SUN, we learn to find connection through creativity. 
Sun has gotten wrapped up in sports and competitiveness. But after he sees his little brother Pablo being consumed and happy marketing art, Sun remembers he used to love doing that too. 
Down at the beach he comes across a magical fox. A beautiful magical fox that reminds Sun how to play, find, and create. A reminder he needed and brings home with him to continue creating with his brother. 
This stunning book is a welcomed visual treat with a equally welcomed message. Excited for it to release! Out April 2019 from @HMHKids