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Our two new BabyLit books are available now including The Odyssey: A Monsters Primer

Lotus Eaters

Telemus from The Odyssey Inspiration: @eppersonn

Bunnies and snakes coming soon

at @lacentral_llibreria in

Next two BabyLit books have arrived--an unexpected pairing

Surprise! books are out in French and Italian -- Emma, Frankenstein, Romeo and Juliet, Secret Garden and DoodleLit.

Policeman | Le Gendarme

Woman | La Femme

Rat | Le Rat

Happy world book day! Les Mis is our other new BabyLit book--it's a French primer





Oberon the Fairy King

Oberon the Fairy King

We just released two new BabyLit books including A Midsummer Night's Dream: A Fairies Primer

The doctor needs a lab assistant. Help him build the perfect monster in the Frankenstein Build and Play (on iTunes and Amazon)

The stroller cards are in and on sale at @zulily today! The memory game, books, playsets and totes are on sale also.

Thanks for including on your adult coloring book table!

Don Quixote and huck Finn are super psyched to be at @shopexit9 with such good company!

Happy birthday Tolstoy! Thanks for the light reading.

Adult coloring book therapy at @carmichaelsbookstore in louisville. DoodleLit is in great company! Thank you

Win a free Jungle Book from our awesome app developer @nightanddaystudios by playing the jungle book hide and seek app (go to @nightanddaystudios post for link)

The Alice in Wonderland playset is at MoMA! The Mad Hatter is beside himself.

It's Emily Bronte's birthday. Let tell you all about it at @babylitbooks

Also now shipping from babylit.com...aargh! It's a shapes primer.

Emma is now available on babylit.com. Find out what emotional state you most identify with.

If you live in Nashville, you can get books. And you probably won't just leave with the books because they have outrageously awesome stuff!

Z is for zebec. Just ask @wundervolt -- new stroller cards coming soon!

The memory game samples just arrived. Soon you can test your memory and your knowledge of characters from classic literature.

Look what handsome fella is in Maggie Mae's Bookshop giveaway. Go enter here @maggiemaespdx

is giving away a free color page from on the babylit blog (babylit.com/blog) and speaking about the many splendors of the peacock.

Shere Khan roars! Mostly because he wants you to know that the new Jungle Book app by @babylitbooks and @nightanddaystudios is now available in the App Store. Go to @babylitbooks now to enter to win a free app and book.
To purchase the app, link is in my profile.

One of our upcoming books is Emma by Jane Austen and it is an emotions primer. Prints are now available in my online shop, pure-sugar.com/shop.

Our Jungle Book app is coming out soon. Be Mowgli and find friends in the jungle!

I will be signing Secret Garden books tomorrow at Book Expo from 11-12:30pm. Booth 2905. Come visit and get a special treat!

Two new books are making an appearance at Book Expo this week.

Happy birthday Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!

Breaking classics news from on the babylit blog (babylit.com/blog) regarding (art on this version of the cover is by Tasha Tudor)

Doodle Lit is being published in Russia! Tolstoy would buy one for sure.

It's and professor Hawkins has a blog post up about the many covers of Don Quixote at babylit.com

Romeo and Juliet is now out in Poland!

More fun with at thanks to @monicacarulla and @cocobooks_ Anna karenina never looked so good!

Professor Hawkins is back for to brief you on the life of the author of Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes. He's filing his taxes though so he's in a bit of a rush. Go to @babylitbooks for the scoop.

Professor Hawkins would like to tell you all about Don Quixote, go to @babylitbooks and find out why even Picasso was a fan.

Thanks @juniperbks for recommending Babylit in Vanity Fair!

Thank you @louiseowens_readme for featuring me and on your blog. Check out our interview at readmeblogsite.net.

It's been 200 years since jane Austen finished Emma. Go to @babylitbooks to learn all about it from Professor Hawkins.