Don Quixote and huck Finn are super psyched to be at @shopexit9 with such good company!

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Don Quixote has a very important announcement: goodreads is giving away 10 copies of his favorite book, Don Quixote. And another one that he thinks is pretty nice, The Secret Garden. The giveaway runs until June 1. For Don Quixote go to and for The Secret Garden go to Buena suerte!

It's and professor Hawkins has a blog post up about the many covers of Don Quixote at

On display in the window of 192 Books.

Professor Hawkins is back for to brief you on the life of the author of Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes. He's filing his taxes though so he's in a bit of a rush. Go to @babylitbooks for the scoop.

Professor Hawkins would like to tell you all about Don Quixote, go to @babylitbooks and find out why even Picasso was a fan.

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An early fan of self-help books, Don Quixote wrote his own, The Mirror of Chivalry, one man's tale of self-discovery.

Don Quixote loves a good cry and highly recommends Tears of Angelica by Barahona de Soto

Don Quixote is a sucker for romance. Another book from his library, Fortune of Love.

I asked Don Quixote if he'd show us some of his favorite books, and he agreed. So here is the first, The Lion of Spain.

Hola amigo. Even has a BFF. Meet Sancho Panza. Learn Spanish with Sancho in Don Quixote, now available at

The most interesting man in the world has nothing on this guy. Coming soon from @babylitbooks -- Don Quixote (a Spanish primer!)