Repost from @thereadingninja using @RepostRegramApp - A WALL OF WOMEN. 
It’s been 3 years since 2.6 million people marched for women across the globe. Helping catalyst an awakening of equality that is moving in the right direction and isn’t going away.
Today I’m not marching but proud and grateful to be going in to work at a company that was started and is being run by incredible women. 
This is a picture of our bookshelves full of books written and/or illustrated by women.  Not including all the women behind the scenes who made these books possible. A powerful exercise.

The mission of equality won’t be achieved unless we are continuously working at it. And the most fertile ground is at home. Teaching the future generations how things should be. “Here’s to STRONG WOMEN, may we KNOW them, may we BE them, may we RAISE them.” and may we teach our boys to feel the same.

Happy International Women's Day!