Thank you for the thoughtful post @sarbare__  and to @appleseedyoga for getting the word (and the art) out! 
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Oh my, have I been feeling a real drought of creativity lately.
I’m reading,
I’m writing,
I’m drawing,
I’m dancing,
I’m listening to all the music,
but when it comes to planning my classes, I’m having a hard time finding inspiration.
My mind feels way foggy, I’m having a hard time focusing, but I’m determined to find my inspiration once again,
I feel this incredible NEED to create.
Just not so sure what or how?
This happens from time to time, especially when you work with kids as often as I do - sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the pace of their creativity and imagination.
Then I picked up this magical book,
“Sun,” by @alisonoliverdesign,
(thanks to @appleseedyoga’s recent story feature)
and it reminded me about what it’s all about.
Sometimes we can really love what we do,
and still feel a little twang of longing for something more.
Sometimes it just takes a friend, a family member, even a stranger, to inspire us to move forward.
Not only do the incredibly vibrant illustrations paint such a beautiful journey,
but the story itself is so relatable.
So I’ll keep working at it, leaning on some of my comfortable “sequences,” while I work on what this next bought of creativity will birth.
Feeling extra grateful, supported, and loved these days - thank you 
What are you working on lately - how are you exercising your creativity?
Might just help spark this little flame over here