Elusive cat tongue

Look who is featured in the window at Fishs Eddy—Moonbeam Sparkle Oliver! Thank you to @benlenovitz for the beautiful portrait and to @lisareed13 for the excellent photo.

Happy , Moonbeam.

Moon discovered cat heaven is a freshly washed sleeping bag

Cat tongue

My cat made some cameos in MOON, here she is expressing surprise  

My cat made some cameos in MOON, here she is in an action scene  

Camouflage on Caturday

Moonbeam loves catnip

Helping me work

Happy Birthday Moonbeam

Moonbeam is enjoying her yoga mat on

Moonbeam says adopt a rescue cat, and maybe make it a black one

Hi Moon! It's the I'm too hot pose

Moonbeam has a sparkle tail

It's the I'm too hot pose (and my mom shouldn't have all this stuff on the coffee table)

Sweet Moonbeam

Moonbeam loves her new cooling pad and looking at stuff upside down

Those big ole fireworks don't scare Moon

Moonbeam Sparkle is a proud spokes model for Gravel and Gold. Loves her boob pillow cases!

Happy Valentine's Day love, Moonbeam

Happy love, Moonbeam Sparkle Oliver

Catnip carrots for all cats on

Zzzz airing out

Happy Feral Cat Day

Trying to steal the cord proved more exhausting than Moon anticipated (boob pillowcases by #gravelandgold)

Happy Caturday love, Moonbeam (catstronaut)

Founding member of the Society of Philoso-cats, Moonbeam Sparkle Oliver

Phloxie in her favorite sand pit


Casual Caturday

I wish my mom would leave the house

Snow day for Moonbeam

Kitten sleeping on kitten

Moonbeam enjoys the morning sun

Phloxie Maxwell returns to the wild