Happy birthday Tolstoy! Thanks for the light reading.

It's Emily Bronte's birthday. Let tell you all about it at @babylitbooks

is giving away a free color page from on the babylit blog (babylit.com/blog) and speaking about the many splendors of the peacock.

Breaking classics news from on the babylit blog (babylit.com/blog) regarding (art on this version of the cover is by Tasha Tudor)

It's and professor Hawkins has a blog post up about the many covers of Don Quixote at babylit.com

Professor Hawkins is back for to brief you on the life of the author of Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes. He's filing his taxes though so he's in a bit of a rush. Go to @babylitbooks for the scoop.

Professor Hawkins would like to tell you all about Don Quixote, go to @babylitbooks and find out why even Picasso was a fan.