Vivian Suter at Gladstone Gallery

Silkscreen print from Aladdin.

Stay wild little friend of @hopegillerman, you have a good start with those awesome pants! Hope you like Moon! 

Thanks to @angiehranowsky I got to meet the artist Doug Meyer this week. Amongst other things he creates these beautiful cameos. In June his book “Heroes: A Tribute” releases. You can pre-order it now, and you should! (Swipe for cover)

Old sketch for

Old sketches for covers

Jen is right—you can get prints in my shop at Thanks @babylitjen! 
Repost from @babylitjen using @RepostRegramApp - Getting ready to go exploring on a fun family vacation! Art by @alisonoliverdesign from BabyLit Peter Pan. Prints available in the online shop at @babylitbooks

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Repost from @ch.j.eun using @RepostRegramApp - . 하지만 이제 문은 달라졌어요. . . 봄산님께서 이 생각났나며 소개해주신 그림책 . 주인공 소녀 '문'이 늑대와 함께 자유와 행복 무엇보다 자신의 이야기를 찿아가는 과정을 보여준다. 출판사 소개처럼 아이들의 지루하고 반복적인 일상에서 활기를 찾도록 도와주는 책이기도 하다 . 원서로 소개 받아서인지 표지의 생락과 제목등 아쉬운 부분도 있지만 자주 만나게 될 듯하다. .



Studio moccasins 🖤️


Teeny shoes

Coming this June.  @hmhkids 

Thank you @matthewcwinner of the @thechildrensbookpodcast for this exciting cover reveal of The Bear’s Garden. I loved working with Marcie Colleen on this story inspired by a real community garden in Brooklyn. 
Repost from @matthewcwinner using @RepostRegramApp - Exclusive Cover Reveal of THE BEAR'S GARDEN by Marcie Colleen and Alison Oliver!!! Author Marcie Colleen finishes my sentences:

THE IDEA FOR THE BEAR'S GARDEN CAME FROM... a garden in my former neighborhood in Brooklyn, called The Brooklyn Bears Community Garden. I found that quizzical. I mean, do bears roam around Brooklyn? I soon learned that the garden was named after a stuffed bear who was found in the weeds when workers began to transform the lot. Immediately I wondered “where did the bear come from?” This purely-fictional book attempts to whimsically answer that question. 
IN THE STORY... a little girl sees an empty lot in her city and imagines what it can be. With the help of her stuffed bear, the girl brings her community together to create a beautiful garden.

ONE THING I LOVE ABOUT ALISON OLIVER'S ILLUSTRATIONS IN THE STORY... is how she subtly changes her color palette as the garden grows. The story opens in shades of greys and blues yet moves to popping color as blossoms burst and the community flourishes.

SOMETHING I HOPE THE READERS WILL TAKE AWAY FROM THE STORY IS... that beauty is everywhere. As in the story, anywhere can be “a place to grow, a place to play, and a place to love” sometimes it just takes a little imagination and resourcefulness.

GARDENS ARE... perfect intersections of nature and humankind—especially urban community gardens. They are gathering places overflowing with and surrounded by all sorts of life. Pure symbiosis. *THE BEAR'S GARDEN will publish in March, 2020 from Imprint.

Aftermath of a Dawn doll photoshoot (photobomb by the @benlenovitz portrait of #moonbeamsparkleoliver)

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Illustration I did for the great @hopegillerman. I can’t live without her oils, especially Travel Remedy. 

Repost from @hopegillerman using @RepostRegramApp - Sometimes it is hard to believe that relaxation and happiness is a natural state of being. As we're approaching the weekend we need to get back to this place. Have you tried using essential oils to soothe your senses and help you maintain your composure? This lovely drawing by @alisonoliverdesign details the steps. Start with H. Gillerman Organics True Relaxation Stress Remedy when you are feeling irritable, overwhelmed or tense. You can use it up to 5 times a day (unlike perfume). The chart shows where to apply.  Made with 100% certified organic oils it offers up a serene lavender/citrus/woodsy scent. To makes your space even more chill, layer with NEW True Relaxation Diffuser Oil - these two blends work synergistically!⁣

Two halves make a whole. @hmhkids 

The first copy has arrived! Coming this June. @hmhkids 

Yoga for Littles by Lana Katsaros of @happilycuratedchaos and @soundstrue (and illustrated by me) is out today!


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Prints from Be Bold Baby: Oprah are now up in my shop ( (seen here receiving the from #barackobama)





First review of Sun (from Kirkus) below. Coming this June.  @hmhkids 
A boy named Sun has a close encounter with a fox. In this immensely appealing fantasy, the minimalist text takes a back seat to the boldly colorful illustrations. The central figure is Sun, a young boy who is introduced as a "soccer star." But this picture book is not about soccer—it's rather about Sun's awareness that "something was missing." Observing that his younger brother, Pablo, "looked happy" while "making art," Sun heads for the beach, recalling that "he used to make art too." Awaiting Sun are an unexpected encounter with a fox and a rekindling of his creativity, expressed in an explosion of collage-style montages. The spread in which the fox shows Sun how to make art is a fabulously messy composition, colorful scrawls and squiggles in the background recalling Pablo's exuberant experimentation on the walls even as Sun and the fox build sculptures out of found objects. Feeling "connected" at last, Sun notices that the day is drawing to a close and returns to an undefined "home" (sans parents), where he and Pablo explore their creativity together in a space that has the look of the outdoors but with those vigorous, unbridled scrawls and squiggles again on a blue-sky backdrop. The soccer-themed introduction feels superfluous, as the not-so-subtle message concerns the magic of art and nature. Both boys have dark brown skin and textured black hair. A visual treat for the young imagination. (Picture book. 4-8)


Happy Spring Equinox  

Meet Purple Yogi. He is one of the yogis in the new yoga deck by Lana Katsaros of @richhippies and @soundstrue. “Yoga for Littles” is out in April and available for pre-order now.

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Coming this June.  #Moon&Sun @hmhkids 

This was my favorite work at the Armory Show. I thought I was looking at an elegant textile piece made of shells or beads but then I got closer. Swipe to see the materials. I should have taken pics of the other pieces.

Meet Green Yogi. She is one of the yogis in the new yoga deck by Lana Katsaros of @richhippies and @soundstrue. “Yoga for Littles” is out in April and available for pre-order now.

Repost from @thereadingninja using @RepostRegramApp - A WALL OF WOMEN. 
It’s been 3 years since 2.6 million people marched for women across the globe. Helping catalyst an awakening of equality that is moving in the right direction and isn’t going away.
Today I’m not marching but proud and grateful to be going in to work at a company that was started and is being run by incredible women. 
This is a picture of our bookshelves full of books written and/or illustrated by women.  Not including all the women behind the scenes who made these books possible. A powerful exercise.

The mission of equality won’t be achieved unless we are continuously working at it. And the most fertile ground is at home. Teaching the future generations how things should be. “Here’s to STRONG WOMEN, may we KNOW them, may we BE them, may we RAISE them.” and may we teach our boys to feel the same.

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