Oh, The Shala, this is why I love you so


Closer @haroldapples



Rhoda in lotus


Hidden bunny

Best sign yet

Pink hats and Michael Moore



Thank you @nathanielrussell

Logo sketches

of jerky peppers

I'm calling this one "red peppers are total assholes" because they are hard to paint and I'm blowing it

Black light wallpaper installation at 21C in Louisville by Virgil Marti

Somebody left the gate to gramercy park open

Little sketch

The Snow Day

Thanks @nytimes for mentioning BabyLit in the business section (link in profile) (photo: @tstriano)

Naughty cat by Doogie Horner

Love, Sugar

The bird from Peter and the Wolf by @guggenheim

Go see Peter and the Wolf by -- amazing! @guggenheim

South Park windows @barneysny

Little Women art prints now up in my shop -- (flat rate shipping on all orders)

Sparkling NYC

Kabocha, day 2

Kabocha, day 1

Yaaaay (photo: Scott Olson)

Frog Footman