Cyclops (part 2), "The Joy of Cooking Humans"

Cyclops (part 1), "The Joy of Cooking Humans"

Beach trash from 1978



The best

Telemus from The Odyssey Inspiration: @eppersonn

Bunnies and snakes coming soon

Circe is coming soon

Thank you

Don't do it @comedycentral (repost @mikeyardcomedy )

World elephant day

Gaela Erwin

by Nari Ward

Isaac Mizrahi's fabric swatches organized by color

@eppersonn came by to deliver some gorgeous pants and in two minutes sketched this idea for a random piece of fabric I have -- can I only wear ?

Bzzzzzzzz! @andrewshoney  @unsqgreenmarket

Loved meeting with @angiehranowsky today and also these two guys

Awesome wallpaper

He came back! @colbertlateshow

Phloxie in her favorite sand pit

at @lacentral_llibreria in

Beautiful ceramic mural at the Madrid airport

Wall mural

The world is a pressure cooker

Crescent moon over Marrakech

Pink door @elfennmarrakech

Turtle feast @elfennmarrakech

Pretty Moroccan kitty

Sombrero @cretacolor

Los animales