Happy Caturday love, Moonbeam (catstronaut)

A. W. Pencils

Night painting, finished

Night painting

Night painting, day 2

Night painting

Founding member of the Society of Philoso-cats, Moonbeam Sparkle Oliver

Our two new BabyLit books are available now including Little Women: Playtime Primer

Our two new BabyLit books are available now including The Odyssey: A Monsters Primer

Can't wait to get in the kitchen with this gorgeous book by Archana Pidathala! (beautiful fabric by #naniiro)

Night painting, finished

Night painting, day 2

Day 1

Night painting

Meadow, day 2

Meadow, day 1

Water taxi rules

Lotus Eaters

Ino the sea nymph

Cyclops (part 2), "The Joy of Cooking Humans"

Cyclops (part 1), "The Joy of Cooking Humans"

Beach trash from 1978



The best

Telemus from The Odyssey Inspiration: @eppersonn

Bunnies and snakes coming soon

Circe is coming soon

Thank you

Don't do it @comedycentral (repost @mikeyardcomedy )

World elephant day

Gaela Erwin

by Nari Ward

Isaac Mizrahi's fabric swatches organized by color

@eppersonn came by to deliver some gorgeous pants and in two minutes sketched this idea for a random piece of fabric I have -- can I only wear ?