I will be signing books tomorrow, September 22 from 11-4pm, at the Princeton Children’s Book Festival. It’s located at the Princeton Public Library. Hope to see you there!

So many Oprahs, so little time ️ My new series, “Be Bold, Baby!”, launches this fall with the Queen of all Media (and then some), Oprah! _________

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Moonbeam is so pleased to find out she’s a “display pet” in the studio of @artonblock in one of her mom’s favorite shops, @fishseddynyc amongst such luminaries as Steve and Rocco Hranowsky (a close personal friend). You can visit the artist’s studio in Thank you so much @artonblock we love our portrait!

Thank you @thereadingninja for the most beautiful cover reveal of my upcoming picture book, Sun. It’s a sequel to Moon and it’s out April 2019 from Clarion Books. #Moon&Sun @hmhkids 
Repost from @thereadingninja:
Repost from @thereadingninja using @RepostRegramApp - COVER REVEAL! I am honored and thrilled to be revealing the cover of my friend @AlisonOliverDesign ‘s new book SUN. A sequel to her book MOON, where we learned to find connection through stillness. In SUN, we learn to find connection through creativity. 
Sun has gotten wrapped up in sports and competitiveness. But after he sees his little brother Pablo being consumed and happy marketing art, Sun remembers he used to love doing that too. 
Down at the beach he comes across a magical fox. A beautiful magical fox that reminds Sun how to play, find, and create. A reminder he needed and brings home with him to continue creating with his brother. 
This stunning book is a welcomed visual treat with a equally welcomed message. Excited for it to release! Out April 2019 from @HMHKids 

fave artist, fave city, fave animal ️ thanks for lifting my spirits—fantastic, primal piece of art

Nothing makes me happier than seeing Moon at @lino_microllibreria in @casabonay and she has some good friends along with her!

Beautiful work by @kenseth.armstead in Union Square — flip to read about how it tells the real history of Washington’s army

In the 1970s, Oprah worked in Nashville, TN at WLAC-TV _________

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Two more wolfdogs who can’t put down Moon (thanks @hopegillerman)

Moon discovered cat heaven is a freshly washed sleeping bag

Thanks @thisisgen and @phoenixpubliclibrary for this pawsome post!

“Man with Dog”, mixed media, 2018, Alison Oliver and Bill Maxwell 
Inspired by the anonymous artist on Fire Island, we made our own sculpture. Not only is it kinetic but it is accidentally auditory thanks to that black tube we used for his arms that the wind went whistling through. And it’s a sneak peek for my upcoming project.

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We’re gonna need a bigger boogie board

Life imitates art @motherpigeonbrooklyn

Sand at

“I want to be this really fly 80-, 90-year old.” —Michelle Obama
My new series, “Be Bold, Baby!”, launches this fall with the very fly Michelle Obama! 


My favorite secret street with secret art

To celebrate I think I might Moonbeam a portrait by @artonblock

Happy . Sketch from MOON, 

More progress on my big landscape

Some progress on my big landscape

Big landscape

New great tiles by

The crocodile is ticking! BabyLit Peter Pan is out and it’s an adventure primer.

So great

Dusk painting in Central Park

Dusk painting in Central Park

The Lost Boys are climbing! BabyLit Peter Pan is out and it’s an adventure primer.

Dusk painting in Central Park

BabyLit Peter Pan is out now!

“How to play.” A scene from MOON, 

Dusk painting in Central Park

My new series, “Be Bold, Baby!”, launches this fall with somebody you might have heard of—Oprah! 


Making nocino with Guillermo

Peter Pan is out on July 10 and prints are now up in my shop (

My photos don’t do it justice, but here is Gaudi’s

Captain Hook is sword fighting! Peter Pan is out this month and available for pre-order now—it’s an adventure primer.

Bookmarks by @llibreriasendak — great design!

I didn’t think I could love more but now they have a perfectly selected bookstore,

Thank you @llibreriasendak and @cocobooks_  for an awesome bug-making event! My bug, Bee-a-trix, ’s Barcelona!


I’ll be at @llibreriasendak today (June 27) at 6pm (18h) for a fun book event!

Satan’s Coffee is kinda like fight club

The very special Plom Gallery features art for kids.

Hola Barcelona!